Shades. Of. Grey. Pink Hill

Started walking and halfway jogging down the road. Doing a super 90’s Denise Austin workout video which is very fun and working towards that goal of looking great in the bridesmaid dress.
Researching nautical stuff for the bride along with penis cakes.
Everyone knows that a nautical themed wedding has to have a batchelorette party with a “Moby Dick”
Hahahaha. I crack myself up!
I need to get out more.
Love in, zzzzzZzzzZZZzz

My Tumblr is retarded. It said it wouldn’t come up because I had the wrong password and now two days later it is logged in. I give up. Anyways I will read up on everything I have missed up here and will post soon. Sorry to have been out of touch so long.
Love in stupid social networking passwords


Go-Baby-Go | Eleanor Mustang (by -KillerBlackbird-)


Go-Baby-Go | Eleanor Mustang (by -KillerBlackbird-)

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i jsut found this gif of romney dancing gangnam style again

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